Ada Yu is an artist from Kazakhstan who lives and works in Paris. Graduated in 2009 from Chelsea College of Art in London, Ada Yu develops a multidisciplinary practice that revolves around installation, film photography, performance and cinema. The scenographic dimension takes center stage in the artist's experimentation. The play of scenery, light, the composition of characters and the making of the image as an alchemy of mediums gives her creations numerous
degrees of reading.
These works question intimacy and introspection as psychological sources of the human being. In this sense, dreams, imagination, perception, and impulses are recurring subjects of the work of Ada Yu, who invites the viewer to explore the boundaries between dream and reality, as well as tension and the contradictions of the mental universe.
Ada Yu is a singular artist, as she explores the subjective dimension of the construction of human identity, differentiating from contemporary Central Asian art, that approaches this issue rather from social and political aspects.



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Fashion film turns 10 (again): #ASVOFF

Fashion and film have been kinkmates since the beginning of cinematic time. (Kinkmate is a word now; you’re welcome!) In 1895, Thomas Edison premiered the first hand-tinted motion picture: dancer Annabelle Moore in a flowing dress. Given the impact of this garment on public imagination … scandal, of course … Serpentine Dancecan be considered the original fashion film.

POST-PARIS FASHIONOctober 28, 2018


Three-part exhibit displays works of young Kazakh, international artists

Ada Yu, an artist from London, in her series of exhibits under the name “Cristallisation de l’etre – decrispation de l’âme” (The crystallization of self-perception is the deliverance of the soul) illustrates the change of the epochs. Taking a closer look at the exhibits, older visitors could recognise bank bills from the Soviet times and the early years of Kazakhstan as an independent state.

THE ASTANA TIMES, 18 September 2018


Steppe Forward: Art and Tech at Expo 2017 Astana

In a bid for a more distinctive international profile, Kazakhstan is hosting Expo 2017 through September 10. The arts-and-industry event is sited on the outskirts of Astana, surrounded by ongoing construction projects, reminding visitors that the city is still in active development.