Aika Akhmetova
Aika Akhmetova (b. 1995) is a young artist based between New York and Almaty. Akhmetova studied Painting at Rhode Island School of Design and holds an MFA in Visual Arts from Columbia University.

Akhmetova’s practice consists of installation, video, sculpture, and text-based work often exploring intimate corners of being through household, trauma, empirical experience, and family. Coming from a rather complex cultural background Akhmetova has absorbed the fading heritage of the Post Soviet generation alone with processes followed by the expansion of late capitalism, Islam, as well as secular education. Such contradicting ideologies equip Akhmetova with a unique critical vision and ability to question the essence of political constructs through their personal optics.

Their work has been included in exhibitions Soft Windows, Public Swim, NY; In Response: We Fight to Build a free World, Jewish Museum, NY; and Alone Together, Steve Turner, LA. Their work most recently has been published in The Archive, issue no. 68, “Intersectionality” by Leslie Lohman Museum (curated by Pamela Sneed) and Lines Inside by TSA_PDF (edited and compiled by Roni Aviv, Lizzy De Vita.)