Alexey Shindin
Shindin (b. 1978) is a mixed-media artist who also works as an art director for local movie productions. His most recognizable body of work is large-scale collages made out of recycled jeans, fur, textile and sometimes other pieces of clothing such as panties or t-shirts. Because of the strong trading traditions of the Silk Road, textile has always been a special medium for Central Asia where it was widely distributed, praised, censored and forgotten from the rise of the Ottoman Empire to the Soviet expansion in the 1920s.

Shindin’s work aims to revisit an important conversation between local and international historical narratives told through textiles. Shindin’s most prominent exhibitions include Contemporary Art from post-Soviet Asia organization Progetto 107, Torino, Italy, Face of Bride in PERMM Museum, and Homo Ludens as well as a personal exhibition in gallery Tengri Umay in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Shindin’s work is present in notable collections such as the private collection of Oleg Chirkunov and Marat Gelman as well as the State Museum of Fine Arts A. Kasteyev in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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