Alpamys Batyr

Alpamys Batyr was born in Aktyubinsk in 1988.
He graduated from American International University London, Department of Graphic Design.
Batyr has been engaged in graffiti and street art since his early years, for the last few years he has been experimenting in the field of video art and is interested in public art. In his works, the artist often addresses the topic of alternative reality where things and objects have their own energy mapping that interlocks with everything in the space dimensions.

Recent exhibitions include Festival of Contemporary Art ARTBAT FEST, solo exhibition Demo.URG in Esentai Gallery (Almaty), 2014; Festival Art of U (Almaty) as well as Astana Art Fest (Astana) in 2015; Shymkent Art Days (Shymkent); group exhibition “UNTITLED” (Almaty), project “#52dayslater” in Astana Contemporary Art center, personal exhibition Metapolis Esentai Gallery (Almaty) in 2017; group exhibition “ATABAR POP-UP Exhibition” (Almaty), Art Festival “Art Shatyor” (Almaty) and Art Project “Made in Astana” (Astana) in 2018.


Batyrov lives and works in Almaty, Kazakhstan.




Alpamys Batyrov presented the exhibition of graphics "Slim Line"

(in Russian)

Alpamys Batyrov's personal exhibition "Slim Line" opened at the Center for Contemporary Art "Kulanshi".

Caravan, October 28, 2011

"Born to inspire." Alpamys Batyrov, Marina Pikalova (video in Russian)