Ambujerba (b. 1992) is an Almaty-based artist who works in a variety of mediums including ceramics, painting, video art, performance, and collage. His thought-provoking visual vocabulary centers around childhood memories, forgotten emotions, and the naivety of early Soviet psychedelic cartoons as well as the more sophisticated animation seen on TV in the mid-1990s.

A practitioner of asceticism, Ambujerba is interested in Buddhist spiritual practices, and situationism, especially Guy Debord’s psychogeography, as well as the philosophy of Walter Benjamin.

Ambujerba’s notable exhibitions include BLA BLA LAB: ART AS WRITING (2019) at Esentai Gallery, Almaty, QWAS (2017) at Vzletnaya, Almaty, and later at New Media Lab, an artist residency within the framework of Astana Contemporary Art Centre at Expo 2017 and with the support of GARAGE Contemporary Art Museum. Last but not least Ambujerba has also participated in Worship - Dinner Performance at Ars Electronica Festival in 2020.
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