Bakhyt Bubikanova

Born in 1985 in Aktobe. She lives and works in Nur-Sultan.

Bakhyt Bubikanova works in a variety of techniques — painting, collage, installation, performance, photography and video art. Today she is one of the most prominent figures among the younger generation of Kazakh artists. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in sculpture at the Kazakh National Academy of Arts, Bubikanova continued her studies with the late leader of Kyzyl Tractor art group Moldakul Narymbetov. In her work the artist primarily reflects on the paradoxical elements of everyday life of the local population. Bubikanova skillfully combines the local and global meanings, creating an artistic slice of reality of the Central Asian region.


“Bakhyt Bubikanova: I am ashamed of my work”

(in Russian)

Incomprehensible and unacceptable for many people contemporary art in Kazakhstan is gaining momentum. Young artist from Aktobe Bakhyt Bubikanova is celebrated by both art and state admirers.

Forbes Kazakhstan, May, 2014

Why artist Bakhyt Bubikanova brought knives to her opening day (in Russian)

Bakhyt Bubikanova is a famous artist, student of the “Kyzyltraktorist” Moldakul Narymbetov, winner of the Foundation of the First President for her contribution to contemporary art, a participant in many foreign exhibitions.

Forbes Kazakhstanmarch 01, 2019

Kazakhstan woman at the Venice Biennale: what can Bakhyt Bubikanov tell about the country

(in Russian)

The artist Bakhyt Bubikanova is one of two Kazakhstanis who should represent the country at the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Venice., March 04, 2019