Dariya Temirkhan
Dariya Temirkhan was born in 2000 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. She grew up in Uralsk and now lives in Almaty.​ Collages of the young Dariya Temirkhan immerse you in a world of fragments where open memory framing what she saw collects new ideas. The author uses a collage technique by collecting pieces of words and images from magazines and newspapers into her own story. Dariya explores the Kazakh language as a means of creating new archetypes in the young generation, enriching the outcrops with antique plastic.​

In 2019, she participated in the Alau exhibition, and in February 2020 she participated in the blvd art ball x. In March 2020 she participated in the exhibition 8 1/2 dedicated to Women's Day. During quarantine, she participated in online exhibitions such as the Artcom platform, Styq online, and Ost Anders Festival. She also participated in the Arbat fest 2020, which was held in a supermarket due to the current situation in the world. In May 2021, she participated in the first exhibition at the YEMAA Cultural Center, which opened in the west of the country.