The initiator of platform is a non for profit organization Eurasian Cultural Alliance founded in 2011 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The mission of the organization includes a wide range of goals creating a healthy sustainable environment for the contemporary art of Kazakhstan to grow, communicate and be present in more serious institutions and cultural programs across the globe. Because there are almost none significant foundations that have been consistently collecting, preserving and archiving contemporary art of Kazakhstan the Eurasian Cultural Alliance found it necessary to establish one and to form a collection that will capture its time, place, socio-political and cultural contexts to provide future generations of artists and art professionals an objective optics to analyse and deconstruct the times we are living in.

If you are a contemporary artists currently working in or outside of Kazakhstan and you would like to donate an artwork we will be honored to consider making it a part of the Eurasian Cultural Alliance Foundation. No artwork that was donated to us will ever be resold and the goal of this foundation is to create a substantial collection that will be representative of its time and cultural strata of Kazakhstan starting from late 1980s up to today. The collection will also include global emerging artists from decentralized artistic communities and artists identified as minorities.

Eurasian Cultural Alliance Foundation is proving free of charge consultancy to any artist, art professional or a business entity that is in need of an advice in the art-related field. If you have any question that relates to contemporary art and culture please do not hesitate to contact via