Georgiy Tryakhin-Bukharov
He was born in 1943 in Nizhneudinsk, Irkutsk region. He lives and works in Almaty.

Georgiy Tryakhin-Bukharov is a recognized master of thrash sculpture, he is one of the pioneers of contemporary art in Kazakhstan. His favorite materials are all those items that have outlived their respectable age - wheel tires, fashionable furniture, plumbing, etc. All these things found themselves on a flea market or in a garbage dump. The artist gives these subjects a second life, in a sense more spiritual, by making an upcycling and turning this stuff into real works of art.

Notable recent exhibitions include participation in the public art festival ARTBAT FEST in Almaty (2008-17), «La vie est une légende. e.cité», Museum of Modern Art, Strasbourg, France (2014), «Between the past and the future. Archeology of Actuality», the Kasteev State Museum of Arts, Almaty (2011), etc.