Katya Nikonorova
In different ancient cultures there was an idea of White Woman that comes in hard times of a nation. And if people can overcome the fears and meet her, White Woman can show the way to salvation. KATIPA APAI is an unique artistic method of Katya Nikonorova, some sort of Avatar that is responsible for qualitative changes. Katipa apai declares that this world can become a better place and deliver this message by practices defined by author as artistic. We call it KATIPAAPISM- personal religion and art movement.

Katipaapism - (Katipa (kaz.) - Katya, apai (kaz.) women, -ism) in modern Tengrianism an offshoot of white cult of the goddess Umai. Which can be possible in nowadays only, because of increasing vibrations of the Earth. One of the newest religion, an art trend. Through the artistic practices Katipa understands religious consciousness, integrates it with the Universe and represents Humanity on the artistic scene outside of Measurements. Developed the rationale and methods of conscious blissful existence, as well as methods of sanitation, education and other vital functions.

As a direction in art, katipaapism is a creation of hierotopy (environmental, land art for the conduct of mysteries and liturgies), iconography (in the canons of abstract painting and collage), as well as messages through documentaries and video art. All of this exists on a quantum level and invisible to the average person.

Katipaapism developing a system of superstisious, such as sitting on i-pads, divination, blessed scriptures to artificial intelligence. The cult of Katipaapism picked up by the women-residents of the Holy city of Almaty.