Kokonja (b. 1996) is a young artist born in Aqmola oblysy, Zhalgyzqaragsai, based Almaty. She studied at the Philology faculty, Eurasian Institute for Humanities in Astana. In 2020 started her artistic career after moving to Almaty. She is a student of Bakhyt Bubikanova. Her practice includes textile and sound art.

As generations of her maternal family line were traditional craftswomen in felting, weaving, and sewing Kokonja found the meaning to continue the mastery of learning the almost lost knowledge, as well as remember those women through the practice, as the first step she sewing such artworks. She also appeals to her memories fixed in a sensual and tactile way according to her earlier childhood and younger years while living in a village. Kazakh mythology is also her basic topic to explore and inspire.

Kokonja is also a DJ, last year she represented the contemporary scene of Almaty at Boiler Room.

She has exhibited in group exhibitions at YEMAA gallery in Atyrau, Essential Gallery in Almaty, TSE Art Destination in Astana, and participated group project curated by Saodat Ismailova in Documenta 2022.