Kuanysh Bazargaliyev
Kuanysh Bazargaliyev aka Kuba was born in Aktyubinsk, Kazakhstan in 1969. After graduating from the College of Fine Arts in Smolensk, Russia, Bazargaliyev continues his education at Aktubinsk University and gets his degree in teaching Art and Design in 1995. He soon moves to Almaty and actively participates in a wide variety of contests, exhibitions, and symposiums presenting his first duo exhibition with Marat Bekeev in Ular Gallery in Almaty in 1998.

Bazargaliyev’s body of work centers around the search for national identity often questioning the ideological roots of such and deconstructing its visual vocabulary through paintings and mixed media artworks. In his recent series Koshkarmuyizm, the artist applies commonly known symbols of the world such as a cross or a half moon onto traditional Kazakh ornament physically connecting the local and the universal. Noble exhibitions include Dis/Possessed in Folio, Zurich in 2016, Somewhere in the Great Steppe in Erarta Musem of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Russia, and All the Nomads in Artwin Gallery, and Moscow, Russia to name a few.

Bazargaliyav`s artworks are included in an honorable number of private and public collections such as the National Museum of Kazakhstan, Astana; Christie`s, London; Richard Spooner Collection, State Art Collection of Turkey, and others.