Lena Pozdnyakova

Born in 1985, Almaty, Kazakhstan


Lena have studied architecture for 8 years and practices art since 2002. She is interested in investigation of art practices that involve collaborative aspect, improvisation, as well as alternative media that embraces relational aesthetics and brings audial and bodily experiences to the foreground. 

She is interested in new media and chance-based work.

Notable recent exhibitions include KREATIVITAETENKAB1NETT, Dessau (2015), ASTANA ART FEST, Projection of Collages, Astana, Kazakstan (2015)

Her works are in collections in France, UK, Gernany, Russia etc.


Art & Life with Eldar Tagi and Lena Pozdnyakova the2vvo

Today we’d like to introduce you to Eldar Tagi and Lena Pozdnyakova the2vvo.

Eldar and Lena, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far.
We are a multimedia artist duo, originally from Almaty, Kazakhstan. Forming together a blend of architectural, music, sound and visual art background influences most of our endeavors ...

VoyageLA, JUNE 25, 2018

Digital Artists Believe in World without Walls

ALMATY – Invisible Wall, an installation created by the Kazakh duo The 2vvo, was presented at Kuona Trust Gallery in Nairobi last year as part of the Kenyan Art Fair exhibition dedicated to digital art. The interactive light-sound-physical display, coupled with the cultural and social project of the young artists, attracted considerable attention from the local audience.



Lena Pozdnyakova Trapped?

Imagine being trapped in the Turbine Hall in the middle of London with two police officers surveying every move you make. In 2016, the artist Tania Bruguera blocked the main exits of Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall as part of her piece Tatlin’s Whisper #5. 




Portraits of international artists taking part in SPACE SALOON’s architecture workshop

LEA BECKER, June 2018