Lyazzat Khanim
Khanim (b. 1994) is a Western Kazakhstan native, Lyazzat Khanim graduated from The UNESCO Art School in Astana in 2012, and she received her BFA from Parsons The New School for Design in New York in 2017. After graduating, Khanim created the eco-friendly brand “5:45 AM”, which focuses strongly on the philosophy of minimalism. After working as a fashion designer in New York, Khanim moved to Istanbul to bring her brand ideas to life and simultaneously develop her graphic design skills.

Inspired by such diverse cities, Khanim continues her creative explorations in Astana where she currently lives and works in the medium of contemporary painting. Khanim’s hyper-realistic artwork, with the occasional venture into the surreal, concentrates on the simplicity and beauty of everyday environments.

Her work depicts striking and thought-provoking glimpses of simple objects that suddenly seem to escape the usual flow, which causes an immediate fascination and is followed by feelings of disturbance and displacement. Although some choices of subject matter address consumer culture, Khanim is mainly interested in an ongoing attempt to archive fragments of pure being by turning her personal experiences toward the public dimension, and vice versa.