Marat Dilman
Marat Dilman (b. 1990) is a young artist whose work explores visual codes and patterns in relation to the nation-building processes, which he witnessed growing up in newly independent Qazaqstan. Dilman produces around six artworks per year, each with meticulous attention to detail and occasional digital image manipulation. His work is heavily concerned with how technology intervenes with the pre-modernistic archetypes such as ornaments, yurts, traditional clothing, and elements of architecture.

Vivid colors so common to Dilman’s visual language connect these long-lasting narratives with the presence of symbolic elements of modern-day urban anti-utopias: plastic, security cameras, robots, and pills.

Dilman’s recent exhibitions include The Eurasian Utopia: Post Scriptum curated by Yuliya Sorokina in Suwon IPark Museum of Art, South Korea (2018), Astana Art Show in Astana, Kazakhstan (2017), and Act of Creation group exhibition within the framework of ARTBAT FEST in Almaty, Kazakhstan (2017).

Dilman was a winner of the Halyk Art Prize in 2019. He was nominated by curator Valeria Ibrayeva for his work Batyr (2019).