Marat Dilman

Born in Almaty, Kazakhstan on 01.01.1990

In 2007  Dilman starts his bachelor as an Operator in Cinema and TV Academy of Almaty. He drops the school after 2 courses.

In 2013 Dilman discovers Contemporary Art and for several years studies the practices and arthistory in depth. Two artists that influenced Dilman the most at the time are Wassily Kandinskyand Patrick Caulfield.

From 2016 Dilman participates in several art exhibitions as a contemporary photographer. The most recognizable one is group exhibition Act of Creation that was a part of School of Artistic Gesture lead by curator Yulia Sorokina.

From 2016 Dilman experiments with new media, architectural patterns, traditional vs. modern design and point and shoot camera.


UNTITLED by Marat Dilman

Marat Dilman is young, yet, promising contemporary photographer from Almaty, Kazakhstan. His recognizable and elegant body of work includes such aspects like national identity of Post Soviet Kazakhstan, a construction of new visual language that ideology uses to interact with the society, technological impact on archaical or semi-archaical symbolism like ornaments, and portraits in connection to internet cables, pop culture and, of course, beauty.

Ostlook, December 8, 2018


“The Eurasian Utopia: Post Scriptum” concludes with “Focus Kazakhstan” in Suwon – curator interview

A saddle. A brand. A blade. A hand. Tools that work, tools that move, tools that tell a story. Each is familiar, but eerily distant, speaking of violence, displacement and an understated timeline of events. They are the instruments of a “Eurasian Utopia”, multifarious in their attempts to narrate or work through chaotic, nomadic histories.

ArtRadar, November 26, 2018