Medina Bazargali
Born in 2001 in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Medina considers herself an artist of a pure new generation. She is fond of ironic and exaggerated reality where the Internet, new technologies, and post-totalitarian realities are swirling in a whirlpool of globalization, where soviet stiffness, the digital revolution, and the revival of national identity are going together like a 3-in-1 product sold at the supermarket. Through Medina's works, she wishes to find a sustainable frequency of oscillation between these 3 polarities.

Medina works with coding, video, installation, visual programming, cyber-physical systems, neural networks, machine learning, and computer science.
​Last and notable exhibitions: Astana Art Festival, curated by Yana Malinovskaya (Astana, Kazakhstan), «Act of Creation» exhibition of young artists Artbat Fest 8, curated by Vladislav Sludsky (Almaty, Kazakhstan) in 2017, «Sexuality. waiting to upload», without a curator (Almaty, Kazakhstan), TedXAbayStWomen exhibition, curated by SUINBIKE (Almaty, Kazakhstan), «QWAS - Migrating dialogue» - bilocal transcultural exhibition (Zurich, Switzerland / Almaty, Kazakhstan) in 2018.