Meruyert Kunakova
Meruyert Kunakova was born and raised in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Kunakova graduated The National Academy of Arts. Specialty includes different kinds of media, painting, sculpture, textile, cyanotype, but is not limited to those, as she constantly tries to expand her field of work. In the academy, the focus of Kunakova's studies was the easel and monumental painting. Kunakova began with classical painting and has slowly been discovering other types of media. Currently, her main focus is working with cyanotype, textile and large-scale canvases. Works discover the themes of personal and collective memory, as well as those of ecology and nomadic culture.

Her latest exhibitions include:

Astana Art Show 2019 (Astana)
IADAArt residency 2019 (Greece)
Topos project exhibition 2020 (London)
Art Prospect festival (Saint-Petersburg/Almaty)
Yemma art space 2021 (Atyrau)