Noted for his bright individuality and rebellious charisma, Moldakul Narymbetov (1946-2012) was a key figure in the Kazakh art group "Kyzyl Tractor" (1990). Narymbetov made great contributions to the development and popularization of contemporary art not only in Kazakhstan but also in the Central Asian region. His shamanistic myth-making is archaic in form compared to modern content but allows for Narymbetov to speak and express his identity clearly.

While Narymbetov’s sculptures of old rubber auto-tires are some of his most iconic works, his paintings are intense, bold, and conceptual. Narymbetov’s color strokes often correspond with the dynamics of natural life, corresponding with the sonorous colors of the Fauvists. Many times taking the forms of abstract and landscape paintings of rural and tiny settlements, Narymbetov uses the victim as a theme in many of his works and often comments on consumer culture, technology, and existential problems.

Narymbetov was a Member of the Arts Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a member of the Artists' Union of Kazakhstan, and a winner of the Zhiger reward. He has represented the Republic of Kazakhstan in many events across the world in countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, the USA, Italy, and Russia. He opened the School of Modern Art in Almaty and has participated in the festivals of contemporary art such as ARTBAT FEST in both 2010 and 2011.
Moldakul Narymbetov