Untitled, Moldakul Narymbetov

Untitled, Moldakul Narymbetov

SKU: M056

Moldakul Narymbetov


Acrylic, photoprint

120 x 159 cm (47,2 x 62,6 in)




  • In this elegant, yet provocative, painting, Narymbetov uses a photograph of the cow manure as a base, covers it with a colorful acrylic layer and frames it with his signature resin frame. It is a risky and humorous strategy to turn something as materialistic as cow shit into the focal point of a large-scale composition both literally and metaphorically. Animal excrement is common to the inhabitants of the steppes as an essential part of their household. Narymbetov not only finds no shame, but also takes pride in investigating, praising, and studying this rather symbolic imagery of everyday life.