A pig, Tryakhin-Bukharov

A pig, Tryakhin-Bukharov

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Georgiy Tryakhin-Bukharov

A pig

Lamp monitor, metal, plastic, mixed technique

46 x 90 x 55 cm (18,1 x 35,4 x 21,7 in)


  • Art made out of trash and waste has been a fascinating destination for many artists around the world. Tryakin-Bukharov’s mixed assemblages are comprised of the found and rearranged plastic and metal objects, while simultaneously displaying the artist’s advanced woodcraft and proficiency in the making of kinetic and static sculptures. The subject matter of this artwork is a character from an old German tale “The Three Little Pigs”. The tale was translated, adopted, and published numerously across the Soviet Union. An almost nostalgic feeling for this short story for children connects the Soviet and post-Soviet epochs through the use of materials such as an old HP monitor that became accessible after the collapse of the USSR.