In Tsar's Garden, Katya Nikonorova

In Tsar's Garden, Katya Nikonorova

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Katya Nikonorova

In Tsar's Garden


59 x 74 cm (23 x 29 in)


  • The kitschy rose bud on the left side of the collage is comprised of the bed sheets which endow this artwork with a certain degree of feminine intimacy. Kitsch as a form of identity is strongly relevant to the select emerging economies wherein the culture of spending is relatively new, having formed after the decades of collectivism and a lack of the free market. The newly-formed and widespread obsession with expensive and colorful brands, the prevalence of tasteless quasi-Greek columns that saturate the architectural landscapes of big cities, and the ubiquity of the faux-gold elements of decor in virtually all upper-middle class households are just a few signs of this process. Nikonorova decides not to reject this situation. Instead, she tries to explore it from the within, linking her practice emotionally and fully to the recent shifts in the social contexts not only through kitsch but also through religion, feminism, and spirituality.