The Bride, Saule Suleimenova

The Bride, Saule Suleimenova

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Saule Suleimenova

The Bride

Plastic bags on polycarbonate

400 x 600 cm (157,5 x 236,2 in) each


  • An iconic artwork of Suleimenova The Bride was on display in the group exhibition Post Nomadic Mind in London as part of Focus Kazakhstan initiative curated by Indira Dyussebaeva-Ziyabek and Aliya de Tiesenhausen. The artwork was also the centerpiece for Suleimenova’s solo exhibition at the National Museum of Kazakhstan in Nur-Sultan (former Astana). The artist used an archival photograph of a Kazakh kelin from an early 20th century and decontextualized it by constructing the new image out of plastic bags, which have been commonly used in the households of Kazakhstan since 1991. Families accumulate a stack of such bags in cupboards underneath their kitchen sinks. Suleimenova initiated a campaign calling citizens to collect and donate their cellophane bags to her for the purpose of creating this massive historical document with a young bride from Kazakh nomadic and traditional past as its central figure. The artwork was initially commissioned and exhibited by ARTBAT FEST in 2015.