Rotkobayev, Kuanysh Bazargaliyev

Rotkobayev, Kuanysh Bazargaliyev

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Kuanysh Bazargaliyev

Rotkobayev, from "When all the people were Kazakh" series

Acrylic on canvas

140 x 100 cm (55,1 x 39,4 in)


  • There has been a long conversation about the integration of local art scenes to the international one. A similar situation occurs in almost every decentralized artistic community that seeks to partake in the global cultural dialogue. Such dialogues typically unfold in major cities such as London, Paris or New York, where Rothko’s career emerged in the 1950s. Bazargaliyev begins his series  “When All the People were Kazakh” in Almaty in 2013. The artist aims to inverse this process of integration and imagines the global culture to emerge through and because of Kazakhstan. A charming and intelligent commentary on the non-linear view of the art history, the self-irony that questions the relationships between the market and the artist, and the ability to incorporate authentic nomadic ornaments into the iconic examples of the art history are the focal points of this important series.