Sabina Kuangaliyeva
Born in 1994 in Atyrau, Kazakhstan, Kuangaliyeva categorizes herself as a post-internet, post-human, post-post-post artist with no particular borderline separating the act of living and the act of creating. Liberated from formal obligations she explores passivity, silence, and darkness contrasting with loud, colorful activism that seems to occupy the majority of space in the market-driven cultural processes. Instead of didactically employing the linear career strategies so common for the creative industry workers aka professional artists, Kuangaliyeva takes life easy and crops out the particles of pure being when the right opportunity occurs.

She first began as a photographer-portraitist which freed her artistic language from all the unnecessary objectivizations making her rather an observer than a teacher. She drifts through the mediums from VR manipulations and game simulations to collage and video. In her works, Kuangaliyeva most often erases and explores the boundaries between the real and virtual dimensions, she dallies and replaces these eternal objects of memory by shifting and rearranging them from one space to another. An additional important subject of her work is an altered state of consciousness such as depression, social anxiety, and panic disorder.

Kuangalieyva’s recent exhibitions include Limited Liability Pavilion 4.0 in Alserkal Avenue in Dubai, Time and Astana in the National Museum of Kazakhstan in Astana as well as Eurasian Utopia: Post Scriptum in Suwon iPark Museum of Art in Suwon, South Korea. Kuangalieyva is also a prominent member of the ORTA Center for Performative Art in Almaty, Kazakhstan.