Saken Narynov

He was born in 1946 in the village of Issyk, Alma-Ata region. He lives and works in Almaty.

Saken Narynov is an architect, sculptor, professor of Kazakh State Architect Academy, has 5 author's certificates for invention, author of more than 100 architectural projects, a prize-winner of numerous domestic and foreign architect competitions.

As the art critic Ekaterina Reznikova writes: «Saken Narynov is working on the verge of combining science and art. Being both an artist and an architect, a sculptor and a philosopher, he creates works that are aesthetic objects and complex technical inventions. <…> Narynov's creative and scientific research is aimed at understanding reality in its diversity. The world order is based on the constant attraction and struggle of opposites, and the author seeks to trace the interdependence of things in their logical natural development».

Notable recent exhibitions include the Personal exhibition in the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana (2017), «Between the past and the future. Archeology of Actuality», the Kasteev State Museum of Arts, Almaty (2011), «Between Heaven and Earth», Calvert-22, London, Great Britain (2011).