Saken Narynov
Saken Narynov (1946-2023) was born in the village of Issyk near Almaty city, where the artist lived and worked for the entirety of his career.

Narynov’s main interest focused on non-euclidian geometry, the topology of space as well as quantum physics, and Turkic philosophy. He was an architect, sculptor, and educator who taught at the Kazakh State Architect Academy. Global achievements include five author's certificates for invention, more than a hundred architectural projects developed, as well as prizes for several local and foreign architectural competitions. Together with the Eurasian Cultural Alliance Narynov had permanently installed two large-scale sculptures at Astana EXPO 2017.

Recent exhibitions include the solo show ‘Between the Past and the Future at the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2017. ‘Archeology of Actuality’ at the Kasteev State Museum of Arts in 2011, as well as ‘Between Heaven and Earth at Calvert-22 Foundation in London in 2011.

In later years, Narynov had concentrated his attention on building his studio in Almaty which the artist aimed to present as his heritage. He actively experimented with new non-euclidean forms in sculpture, wrote theoretical explanations for these forms, and linked them with Turkic history.