Saule Dyussenbina
She was born in 1971 in Karagandy, lives and works in Almaty.
The practice of Saule Dyussenbina is interesting not only for the presentation of each project in itself but also for its organic dynamics, which intersect several border statements. The artist operates first with traditional mediums of drawing and painting, studying the subject world around herself; her home, her body, her story, and her memory. These studies gradually lead to the creation of assemblies, including not only painting and painted images, but also objects, photographic materials, textiles, and natural objects. A complex palimpsest of collages turns into a palimpsest of generalizations that can not be articulated with simple narration.

Dyussenbina makes a study that brings her to the questions of the formation of an archetype and its introduction into the structure of the multicultural state of our times. To solve such a difficult problem, she chooses an exact medium - an area of applied design – the design of interiors, and objects of everyday life and embodies her ideas in several series.

Notable recent exhibitions include New Mythologies of Central Asia at Sapar Contemporary in 2020 in New York, Harvest Time at Tobe Gallery in Bern, Switzerland in 2021, Kazakh Funny Games and New Mythologies at Charles Wang Center in 2022 in New York, Clouds, Power and Ornaments. Roving Central Asia at Centre for Heritage Arts & Textile in Hong Kong in 2023, Slavs and Tatars special project at Asia Now Art Fair in 2023 in Paris and The Post-Exotic Condition at X Mediations Biennale in 2023 in Istanbul.