Syrlybek Bekbotayev

Bekbotayev is a modern artist of the second generation, his works are created after the
collapse of the Soviet Union and with some comprehension of the legacy of this disintegration.
Post-Sovietism remained a solid scar on the cultural mind of many countries and societies and
Syrlybek Bekbotayev acutely feels it. He is interested in how, after so many years of dictate of
the Soviet ideology, people and societies begin to search for their primordial culture, traditions
and customs, which were modified by the will of history, but also by the will of a totalitarian
machine. Where is this primordial history, what were and are the real traditions? In search of
answers to these questions, Bekbotayev offers free space of steppe and landscapes of Central
Asia as a single region, free geography for numerous interpretations. It is here, in this
multifaceted space, hundreds of peoples with their originality, different languages, dialects and
dialects, with original culture and rituals that have not disappeared, but have adapted to the
environment and the political and historical context, have been preserved without losing their
unique national characteristics .

Bekbotayev Syrlybek.jpg