the2vvo (the zwo)

Lena Pozdnyakova (b.1985) and Eldar Tagi (b.1987)


the2vvo is an artist duo formed in 2014 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Artists worked together since 2010. The duo is comprised of sound artist Eldar Tagi and visual artist Lena Pozdnyakova. The duo performs experimental audio-visual sets, creates art projects in the form of collaborative and improvised art events that involves chance-based investigations and works on installation and sound art projects that blurs the line between various disciplines. 

Duo extensively travels and practices in various locations, exploring local culture for the duration that varies from several months to several years. Previously artists lived in Berlin, Leipzig, Nairobi, Los Angeles, Goa. At the moment artists reside in Los Angeles.



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Urban Soundtracks: Almaty According to The2vvo (or not)

Almaty is not a city that conjures thoughts of a creative and exciting arts scene with a dynamic counterculture. However, there remains a small counterculture of artists, musicians, and others that continue to work to shape the city (or eventually grow sick of it then move off to Europe or North America). Increasingly, it appears the former is the more preferred option.



Interactive Art Installation: Invisible Wall by the2vvo

A wall can be seen as a tool to defend, but also to divide. It is something to expose and reveal, and yet, at the same time to limit and discriminate. Walls which were once there to gate us from the rest of the world have lost their relevance. Today, we see culture and knowledge traversing invisible walls to form fruitful global collaborations.


Channel Title: Asia – beehype – Best Music from Around the World

If you feel like spending the next half an hour in a tranquil and welcoming sound environment, look no further than Kazakh music-light-video art project the2vvo.

Apart from traveling around the world with their installations/events, the multidisciplinary duo of Lena Pozdnyakova and Eldar Tagi have been also running “the first indie record label in Kazakhstan” called Aetherial Records.