Artist duo
Zitta Sultanbayeva and Ablikim Akmullayev work for 30 years at the art stage both together and separately in different genres and types of the contemporary art, such as videoart, installation, performance and photo, and also contemporary painting and graphics. The famous Kazakhstan art duet is initiators of a number of local and international exhibitions and projects as self-organized¸ and with assistance of Non-governmental Organizations. In 2000 the art and married couple organized an art duo― ZITABL.

Together they actively and successfully participated in exhibitions of the contemporary art in Berlin (2002), in Geneva (2002), in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg (2002), Novosibirsk (2003) in Bonn, Stuttgart and Paris (2003), Ganja (2007), Tbilisi (2009), Perm (2012), Strasburg (2016) London (2018) etc.

About the artists:
Zitta Sultanbaeva ― renowned artist, art critic, journalist. Participant in international art projects, exhibitions and Contemporary Art Biennales as part of the art-duo ZITABL with Ablikim Akmullaev; the initiator of a number of educational and curatorial projects. Laureate and winner of many international competitions and festivals.
Ablikim Akmullaev ― free artist, musician, photographer. Leader of the legendary group «Green triangle», member of the group “BUGARABU” and art duo “ZITABL”. Laureate and the winner of many international competitions and festivals.