Zoya Falkova
Zoya Fal’khova is a young female artist whose practices are rooted in feminism, political criticism and an attempt to deconstruct the role of Soviet Union in the history of Kazakhstan. While many artists take the historical past as a colonization, Zoya`s language does not take anyone’s sides. She is critical toward the Soviets as well as the existing system in Khazkhstan where she is strongly against nationalistic moods, lack of civil society and human rights.

Zoya’s uses installation, conceptual art - like her piece where ants are colonizing Karl Marx portrait - and 2d mixed media techniques, like her series where she paints her boyfriend with Borscht. She has exhibited at a wide range of galleries and events such as her solo show “Modernization of creation”, which featured at Esentai Gallery, Odessa Biennale, Limited Liability Pavilion in Venice in 2017, and Life is a Legend at the Strasbourg Museum of Contemporary Art. She recently completed an artist residency program in 2016 at the Dukley Art Community hosted by Russian decedent and gallerist, Marat Gelman.

Zoya lives and works in Almaty, Kazakhstan.